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=1= Okairi Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Web, Cloud Storage and E-Business Solutions Design, Development and Management

This arm of the company is responsible for the following activities to the benefit of our clients:

•  Web/E-Business Capacity Building and Solutions Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation and Management.

This aspect of our operations involves:

•  E-Business multi-media website/ web portal design and deployment and management using the most advanced software available for web development

•  Website Hosting services - Details

•  E-Mail Solutions - Details

•  E-Marketing

•  Bulk email service

•  Animated E-marketing, corporate marketing and greeting cards

•  Applications design and development

•  Database design, development and deployment

•  Data backup and recovery.

Cloud Data Storage Solutions Development and Content Management.

•  Cloud/Online high capacity data and multi-media content storage.

ICT Capacity Building.

This aspect of our operations involves:

•  ICT equipment assessment

•  ICT systems procurement and supply

•  ICT training and manpower development.

ICT Equipment/ Systems Management and Maintenance

This aspect of our operations involves:

•  ICT systems installation

•  ICT systems maintenance.

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