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The Okairi Email Solution Service is aimed at empowing individuals, companies and all organizations in general with one of the most important tools required for effective web operation in todays e-based society - A Dedicated Email Account with full functionality and features.

Research indicate that using free, Non Dedicated and Unecure email services exposes you and
your business to major negative online/e-business problems and challenges including:

- Exposure to email fraud and identity theft/duplication.

- Makes effective E-business and E-marketing impossible,

- Is against modern business norms/practice.

- This practice is counter productive and may acrtually cause negative results, responses reactions

In view of these and many other reasons, the okairi Email Service has been developed to provide clients with their own dedicated email account and web presence without the need for a complete website being published on the world wide web. Through this solution, we provide Secure, Dedicated Email Service using your own unique, dedicated .com domain name identity such as info@yourbusinessname.com and/or yourname@yourbusinessname.com. This enables and facilitate clients to carry out full two-way internet based communication at a low cost while enabling them move on to building a complete web presence on the internet at their own pace. This service is also highly suited for individuals who require exclusive email services with high level features.

Our service has the added advantage of having an exclusive/customized contact form, direct one-click login link and webpage bearing the client individual or company logo. Thus, establishing the clients presence on the internet even without a website.

Clients can choose from our flexible payment subscription plans. They also stand to benefit from our added value services and additional free service on subscription.

Our Package features include:
Auto Responders/Acknowledgement
Mail Fowarders
Spam Control
Password Protection
Mail Client Service Options
Special Web-based Online Email Form For Clients Without Website
One-Click access To Webmail Login Via URL Access
And Much More.

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